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Girls Cricket

FBA is all about inclusion.  We see cricket as a powerful platform for development.  You’ve heard that cricket is the thinking man’s game?  Well, we fully believe this, but of course, it’s not just a man’s game!  Women’s cricket has been gaining momentum and teams have been excelling in recent years – we believe there is so much more to come. 

Many girls and women will not have even considered the sport, but there are so many reasons to get involved; so many girls and women out there who would benefit from the passion, discipline, fitness, teamwork, leadership, and strategising that come with the game.

Girls Cricket Academy 

All new members are welcome.  Our training is ability based, so coaching dynamics and team allocation will change and flex as you develop and grow in the sport.  In the youngest age groups, girls and boys will train together – we see this as important to establish early on, the clear message that girls are just as good as boys, maybe better – ever think of that?!

We will be providing dedicated indoor training from the age of 8 through to adults.  Whatever your background or influence: a parent who is passionate about cricket; a desire to build confidence or develop a higher level of fitness; a natural athlete looking for an outlet; or just curiosity and a give-it-a-go mentality?  We are passionate about investing in cricket for girls from the age of 8 all the way through to young adults, so come and invest your time with us.

From 2021 we will be signing teams up for matches, so as well as offering year-round training you will build up confidence and gain invaluable match-play experience.  FBA will always welcome family and friends to join us, supporting the teams and individual players as they find their feet and make their mark.

We are based on the Sutton/Croydon border, in south Greater London, so if you are in Surrey or South London, contact us to join us for a taster session.  You do not need to have played cricket before, we will have coaching support on hand to take you through your paces, determining whether we may be the right fit for you.  If you have played before, then have no doubt that FBA will help you progress and develop into the best cricketer you can be.  This is our sole goal.

At FBA the emphasis is on development.  Not just as a cricketer but as a person.  Our coaches will be offering technical training and match play coaching, both practical and theory, but our methods go far beyond this.  We are looking to help establish not just fantastic young cricketers, but disciplined team players and leaders for life, building self-esteem, empowering girls and women with confidence and skills they can use in the big wide world.  Our members will always be part of something, part of the FBA family, part of their team, part of the community, ready to make their mark.

If you are interested in supporting FBA women’s cricket initiatives through funding or sponsorship please get in touch.

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