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Starts 4th October
The (U8 – U11) coaching will begin at 6 pm and finish at 7.30 pm. 
Coaching will be skill-based working on the fundamentals of cricket. Improving technical, tactical approach, whilst having the time of their lives.

(Adults) will then start at 7.30 pm and finish at 9pm
The session plan will include, but not limited to, fitness, matches, and nets. Focusing on becoming individually and collectively a better team/player.

*£150 for 10 weeks coaching


Starts 5th October
For women and girls, the sessions will be segmented by ability rather than age. Working through a dedicated skills-based program to improve hand-eye coordination, and balance in bowling batting and fielding. Matches will feature heavily and so will the opportunity to have nets. 

The (U12 - U14s) will focus on understanding where they individually are in cricket through match play and what they do well and not so well with enthuse making them more tactically and mentally astute. Whilst honing their game to another level in structured net sessions.

*£150 for 10 weeks coaching


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U8 - U11s


U12 - U14s

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