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Let’s run out racism together

It has been a tough week for cricket, but racism is a fact that cannot and should not be denied – otherwise, how are changes made? And changes are needed: that is why FBA joined the fight against racism!

Yesterday, following a series of recent allegations throughout the sports industry, two former umpires accused the ECB of “institutionalised racism”.

It takes a brave person to admit to bullying, especially after what is likely to be many years of feeling undermined, overlooked and subject to unchallenged racist language, whether directly or indirectly. No-one should be made to feel reduced to, or treated differently, because of the colour of their skin, place of birth, native tongue or accent.

At FBA we are proud to positively promote diversity, inclusion and equality. We hope that by supporting people from BAME groups, increasing representation as cricketers and all related roles, from umpiring to management, we hope to make the colour of cricket more vibrant.



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