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FBA and Addiscombe CC Partnership


We’re pleased to announce we (FBA) have signed a multi-year agreement with Addiscombe Cricket Club to provide expert coaching alongside their Head of Coaching. This agreement will allow for the creation of a new girl’s section and a U18 male squad for the 2022 season.

This agreement starts with immediate effect which is great news for the indoor winter season, combining the academy and ACC members across all age groups.

“After putting on a hugely successful summer camp at Addiscombe, it makes sense to combine resources for mutual goals to benefit all young people.” Roger Hurrion – Chairman of ACC
“The opportunity to work with and improve player development was too good to turn down. Addiscombe has shown FBA nothing but warmth and openness since our hugely successful joint venture, summer camp. We look forward to a hugely successful partnership across all age groups.” Trevor Fordyce – Director of Cricket FBA

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This partnership provides mutually positive benefits and vision going forward, fundamentally: supporting cricket provision, encouraging increased engagement and enabling disadvantaged young people to access our amazing sport!

What does it mean?

  1. More frequent training at ACC with better coach to colt ratios

  2. Increased reach throughout Croydon for FBA

  3. Beautiful summer season Home Ground

  4. Fab bar & social area for friends and family

  5. Local club option for FBA non-club members

  6. Academy coaching access for ACC members

  7. Regular winter training access to ACC members

  8. Increase in ACC membership and competitiveness!

What doesn’t it mean?

  1. It doesn’t mean promote FBA Members to their local club in the first instance

  2. It also doesn’t change our fundamental ethos to increase engagement, competition and opportunities across Croydon and surrounding areas, within schools and local clubs 🙂


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