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Fishing for 1-2-1s?

During our first indoor season we faced lots of challenges with school hall availability during exam times. This left us calling round and gave us the opportunity to talk to even more schools – which, as it turns out was really useful. Through this, we have added to our schedule, a regular 2 hour Saturday session just for 1-2-1s. John Fisher is on the Croydon border in the LB Sutton, not far from our main Hub schools and pretty easy to get to. There are not many cricket outfits able to offer 1-2-1s during the winter season so we are doing what we said we’d do: meeting a local need for excellent, regular, reliable, year round cricket coaching and we can’t wait to book you in!

1-2-1s are great to keep your skills and technique fresh and work on any problem areas so when the season comes round and you walk onto the pitch, your confidence is high.

Anyone can book a 1-2-1 sessions here with discounted rates for Members.


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