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Junior cricket in Caterham, Chaldon, Redhill, Merstham

In partnership with Chaldon CMO CC, we will be coaching every Tuesday evening and, on a Sunday, from late morning to afternoon. Our mission is to engage as many young people as possible, beginner to experienced in becoming the best cricketer they can be.

We welcome children interested in cricket from all areas, in particular.

  1. Redhill

  2. Chaldon

  3. Caterham

  4. Merstham

  5. Coulsdon

Because we’re an academy, we co-exist with those children who are members at local cricket clubs.  We work in partnership with a number of clubs in Croydon, by giving their members additional coaching and match time in a variety of formats – all year round!

What can a new FBA Member expect?

We evaluate every player, assessing both strengths and weaknesses, thereafter we develop a plan per member for our coaches to execute. We’re very much player ability-based rather than age, which enables us to segment players into appropriate groups. When a player improves, they’re moved up to the higher ability-based group on merit.

The advantage of joining FBA is our constant training regime. We coach for eleven months of the year, several days of the week, in schools across Croydon and Caterham. History has shown, that with continuous year-round coaching, players are A – Committed and B – improved in confidence, knowledge, technical and tactical play.  

Fundamentally, we improve players, technical, tactical, physically, and emotionally. We dissect their batting or bowling if required. We want each player to express themselves using their natural talents; not advising players to change to fit into a one size fits all player model. Every player is unique. The role of our Coaches is to amplify each player’s uniqueness, to make players more independent and effective.

Are you ready for a more detailed approach to coaching your son or daughter?


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