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Open Evening Explosion

Yesterday was FBA’s first ever Open Evening and after just a week at Riddlesdown doing in-curricular coaching and a few early bird Member 1-2-1s we were blown away by the attendance! Over 40 turned up and a few hardy parents stayed the course too. It was a beautiful blue sky day, but pretty chilly by evening, so we were grateful for our extra layers and FBA Hoodies!

If anyone wasn’t sure how to get teens moving, our FBA Coaches sure managed it! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Our Target Health sponsored cage got plenty of use and we are so looking forward to the coming months (especially the heat!). FIRST proper Academy training session on Saturday afternoon – yippee!

Bowling practice

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Keeping warm!

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Bev, come on, give it a go!

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Oh the concentration!

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End of the day


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