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Croydon Baby

There are several reasons why Croydon is a great place to start FBA.

First and foremost, our founder Trevor Fordyce has lived and worked in Croydon for many years, providing us with the basis of a great reputation and connections within the borough.

But did you know that Croydon has the largest youth population of any London Borough*? With a hugely diverse population, the 50.6% represented by BAME ethnicities is expected to rise to 55.6% by 2025**. Currently Norbury has a 53% BAME population and Thornton Heath 48%. And did you know that one-third of all London’s unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) are in Croydon? This makes it the borough with the highest numbers of UASC! It also shows a huge thirst but lack of access, particularly in North Croydon, for our BAME communities who represent some of the most cricket impassioned nations in the world, including south Asian nations, the Caribbean and Afghanistan.

According to Trust for London, Croydon is one of the most affordable places to live*** giving it momentum for development, school expansion and inevitably, increased and hugely diverse population. Through continuous expansion, Croydon now encompasses a huge main town centre as well as many smaller towns, from Thornton Heath to Coulsdon, and claims rights as a Greater London Borough, bordering the highly populated urban London boroughs including Lambeth, Merton & Southwark; but is also part of the County of Surrey.

Our aim is to provide excellent coaching irrespective of ethnicity, gender or wealth.

From its leafy Surrey borders in the south, to highly developed and populated areas in the north – Croydon has plenty of young people, access to good transport links and cricket facilities, both locally (especially in south Croydon) and not too far, in Lambeth, home of Surrey’s Oval cricket ground.

We look forward to expanding to other London boroughs and beyond, but for now, FBA is Croydon’s baby and we look forward to watching it grow.

If you are interested in working with us as a coach or training with us, please get in touch. Even if you are not in our area at the moment, we will ensure we keep you updated with our progress.


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