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FBA Bowling Party

Bowling forms a fundamental aspect of cricket, but luckily not this kind of bowling – turns out Tenpin ain’t really our thing 😉

With masks at the ready and negative Lateral Flows requested, we decided to go ahead with our end of term festivities. After all, the kids have been at school all week, many have self-isolated recently through Covid positivity, and yet again we are already planning our scaled down our holiday exploits. It was a safely managed last Hurrah before the New Year.

We had a super fun evening – lots of laughs – We even got to sing Happy Birthday and partake in a bit of birthday cake!

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Mat’s Tee – Even at Tenpin, it’s all about the cricket!

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Such a joy to spend time with our Members who attend so many different schools and cricket clubs. The first half of our indoor season has had us training at Riddlesdown Collegiate, Harris Academy Purley, John Fisher, Woodcote High.

From January we’ll be adding FBA’s All Girls Hub at Coloma Convent Girls School to the list!

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Seasons Greetings to all and here’s to some great cricket exploits in 2022!


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