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FBA PACE Crowdfunder is coming!!

At FBA we love getting people together, which has been pretty difficult recently as we all know – but these are exciting times, especially with our mega event coming up on the 21st!! And what better way to get together virtually than by sharing the love and sharing a bit of dosh with an FBA Crowd online? 😉

We will be launching a Crowdfunder from the 21st so keep you eyes peeled. We want to raise over £20k in just 4 weeks to help increase our Outreach and Academy work, enabling FBA to work with more young people. We have also applied for match funding so, depending how much you pledge, it could be doubled!

Donations will help us develop our PACE Programme to:

  1. Recruit more excellent coaches

  2. Provide training and developmental opportunities for Young Leaders, coaches, staff and volunteers

  3. Increase our in-curricular school work

  4. Fund kit and equipment

  5. Provide Scholarships for disadvantaged individuals

  6. Put on more events

  7. Increase reach through promotion

  8. Raise our profile to attract Sponsorship

  9. Run an annual State School Cup competition

Help us increase engagement and diversity, bringing people together through cricket!


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